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This web site was created by Wally Orchard, certifiable Disamaniac. Please follow the links below to whatever interests you. The first set are pages on my own site. Also listed are some other Disa-related web sites. Finally, there is an e-mail link if you would like to send me some feedback, ask a question or just say hello.

New - January 2009 - Orchid Flasking Service: We have recently commissioned a dedicated orchid lab for sowing orchid seed, replating seedlings and tissue culture. A limited amount of space is available for more flasks in the growing area, and we have decided to offer a flasking service to orchidists in the USA. We have been doing flasking and tissue culture for many years now, and have experience with both terrestrial and epiphytic orchids. Please e-mail us with your needs and contact information.

Disa sales       Blooming sized plants, as well as flasks in different sizes are currently available. Use the link for more details.

South African trip, December 2003    

Beautiful but dangerous: Are Disas for me?

Picture of the Month    I am no longer adding pictures, but there are some nice photos to see.

A Walk in the Fynbos     A whimsical stroll through the Cape mountains

Disa culture     Just what it says it is

Deflasking your precious Disas    Very important. This is where novices kill off 90% of their Disas if they start with flasks. But even the experts kill off quite a few!

Disa Ailments   This is not yet operational, but is my next project for this website. I am looking for descriptions and good quality pictures of all and any disa ailments, whether caused by bacteria, fungi, insects, chemicals, or even animals. If you think you can help, please get in touch. An ideal entry would have a complete description of the symptoms, and details of the successful treatment(s), as well as photographic evidence. 

All about Stenoglottis    Well, almost all. How to grow them (several different opinions, including my own 2c worth) and the three major species.

South African Orchid Pictures    A photographic gallery of selected South African terrestrial orchids, reflecting my bias towards all things Disa. You will also find Bonatea, Stenoglottis and Satyridium species represented here.

Mona Disa     The recent discovery of this priceless work of art in a musty storage area in the Louvre has settled a long-standing controversy. What is the correct pronunciation of Disa: "dee-sa" or "die-sa"?

The secret to success with Disas      At last, the Holy Grail of Disadom!


Links to some useful Disa sites

The DisaPhiles     An archive dating back to 1996 of all the issues of this e-mail newsletter. Hosted by Diablo Disas.

Diablo Disas    Mike Gallagher's disabolical creation.

Paradise Orchid Nursery     Take a tour of Ron Maunder's nursery in New Zealand.


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